Professional Management. Immeasurable Experience.

HCMS is a leader in hospitality management. Our experience and expertise benefits our corporate partners who rely on us to manage and staff specific departments or complete locations.

Our association with hotels, resorts, full service restaurants, franchise operations, institutional kitchens and entertainment venues adds to our considerable leadership in human resources and facilities oversight.

And our on-site management gives our client partners the freedom and flexibility to focus on goals that extend beyond day-to-day operations. Our programs and services are custom-designed based on each client partner’s unique needs.

HCMS employs thousands of permanent as well as seasonal staff members at hundreds of work sites throughout the United States.

Our client partners include hotels and resorts, full service restaurants, fast dining franchises, food and beverage/catering, casinos, ski resorts, theme parks, retail, convenience stores, warehouses, shipping, and more.

Our clients’ goals are the core of our existence.

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